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Announcement of Iqra Kids Test, Children were very happy

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Kumamoto (8/10). Following up the Iqra Kids Test on 6 (Fri) Oct 2017 (see link), Daawaa Committee announced the results of test. All kids who took the test come with their parents. Many brothers and sisters also come to see the children performed their ability in reciting and memorising Quran. Some children performed daily dua. In this program, Br Imam Sheeraz announced the remark acquired by each kid and gave them some present.

Quarterly evaluation of 2017 KIC annual program

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Kumamoto (7/10). The new KIC organizing committee has set up the 2017 KIC annual program on July 2017 in a general meeting (see link). After three months the program ran, Br Rahmat as the President of KIC carried out a quarterly evaluation. This activity was held on 7 (Sat) Oct 2017 in Kumamoto Masjid. All shuraa member and committee leader joined this meeting. In this meeting, KIC organizer collected Report for the months of August and September from Committee of Budget and Finance, General Secretary, Masjid Committee, Sports and Culture Committeeand Daawaa. Based on the 2017 annual program, most of the program were successful to be done, especially for Masjid Committee and Daawaa Committee. May Allah give strength for us to do more activities for KIC.

Evaluating Quran learning for Kids, Daawaa Committee held Iqra Kids test

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Kumamoto (6/10). Learning Quran is an obligation for every muslim, included for muslims children. To evaluate Quran Learning for Kids in Kumamoto Islamic Center, Daawaa Committee held an event named Iqra Kids Test. Br Imam Sheeraz, as the person in charge of Daawaa Committee, led the children to follow this program. Held on 6 (Fri) Oct 2017, the test followed by 16 kids from all communities, such as Indonesia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The evaluation is based in recitation and memorising Quran, and also daily duaa. The children were so exciting with this program. They seemed enjoy. May Allah keep them istiqomah and always have high spirit of learning Quran.

Who are we?

Kumamoto Islamic Center is a Muslim community trying to organize Islamic activities such as Friday prayer, Eid prayer and celebrationof Ramadhan, in Kumamoto, Japan


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