Initiate collaboration, KIF visit Kumamoto Islamic Center to discuss some opportunity

20502645_10212298453249005_1241334080_oKumamoto (28/7). A meeting between Kumamoto International Foundation (KIF) and Kumamoto Islamic Center (KIC) was held on Friday 28 July 2017 at 11.00-12.00 am. From KIC, Br Rahmat , Br Imam Sheeraaz, Br Aslam and Br Budi were there. While from KIF, Yagi-san, Yatsumura-san and Murakami-san as well. For KIF’s purposes to visit our Masjid, we received their interviews about our way to have better communication with Japanese people in Japanese language and vice versa. They provided us a questionare and kindly requested as many as our member to contribute on it. The second issue is about their plan to hold a program in February to introduce Islamic culture and life and exchange to further friendship. We have explained to them about our annual programs and it seemed they were very interested to synchronize our programs with theirs. Especially the programs proposed by Sport and Culture Committee, i.e. Islamic Seminar and Islamic Food Fair. They have some budget to support those kind of programs. Following this, we considered to have a special meeting in KIF office to discuss more detail about the join programs between KIC and KIF. In this great chance, It is kindly requested to the leader and member of Sport and Culture Committee to initiate discussion in their group for preparing the programs before the meeting with KIF.