Prayer Times

Fajr : 06:00
Zuhr : 12:30
‘Asr : 15:30
Maghrib: 10 minutes after athan
Isya’ : 19:00


All year prayer times calendar for Kumamoto-Shi

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Lt=32:49N Lg=130:44E GMT+ 9
Qibla True North = 71:18W
Qibla from compass= 64:36W(2011.43)

Prayer times (Hanafi) by
DATE      Fajr     Sunrise     Zuhr     Asr(H)    Maghrib     Isha
Jan 01     5:51a      7:19a    12:26p     3:44p      5:24p     6:50p
Jan 02     5:52a      7:20a    12:26p     3:45p      5:25p     6:50p
Jan 03     5:52a      7:20a    12:27p     3:45p      5:26p     6:51p
Jan 04     5:52a      7:20a    12:27p     3:46p      5:27p     6:52p
Jan 05     5:52a      7:20a    12:27p     3:47p      5:28p     6:52p
Jan 06     5:53a      7:20a    12:28p     3:48p      5:28p     6:53p
Jan 07     5:53a      7:20a    12:28p     3:49p      5:29p     6:54p
Jan 08     5:53a      7:20a    12:29p     3:50p      5:30p     6:54p
Jan 09     5:53a      7:20a    12:29p     3:50p      5:31p     6:55p
Jan 10     5:53a      7:20a    12:30p     3:51p      5:32p     6:56p
Jan 11     5:53a      7:20a    12:30p     3:52p      5:33p     6:57p
Jan 12     5:53a      7:20a    12:30p     3:53p      5:33p     6:58p
Jan 13     5:53a      7:20a    12:31p     3:54p      5:34p     6:58p
Jan 14     5:53a      7:20a    12:31p     3:55p      5:35p     6:59p
Jan 15     5:53a      7:20a    12:31p     3:56p      5:36p     7:00p
Jan 16     5:53a      7:20a    12:32p     3:57p      5:37p     7:01p
Jan 17     5:53a      7:19a    12:32p     3:58p      5:38p     7:01p
Jan 18     5:53a      7:19a    12:32p     3:58p      5:39p     7:02p
Jan 19     5:53a      7:19a    12:33p     3:59p      5:40p     7:03p
Jan 20     5:52a      7:18a    12:33p     4:00p      5:41p     7:04p
Jan 21     5:52a      7:18a    12:33p     4:01p      5:42p     7:05p
Jan 22     5:52a      7:18a    12:34p     4:02p      5:43p     7:05p
Jan 23     5:52a      7:17a    12:34p     4:03p      5:44p     7:06p
Jan 24     5:51a      7:17a    12:34p     4:04p      5:45p     7:07p
Jan 25     5:51a      7:16a    12:34p     4:05p      5:46p     7:08p
Jan 26     5:51a      7:16a    12:35p     4:06p      5:46p     7:09p
Jan 27     5:50a      7:15a    12:35p     4:07p      5:47p     7:10p
Jan 28     5:50a      7:15a    12:35p     4:08p      5:48p     7:10p
Jan 29     5:49a      7:14a    12:35p     4:09p      5:49p     7:11p
Jan 30     5:49a      7:14a    12:35p     4:10p      5:50p     7:12p
Jan 31     5:49a      7:13a    12:35p     4:11p      5:51p     7:13p
Feb 01     5:48a      7:12a    12:36p     4:11p      5:52p     7:14p
Feb 02     5:47a      7:12a    12:36p     4:12p      5:53p     7:14p
Feb 03     5:47a      7:11a    12:36p     4:13p      5:54p     7:15p
Feb 04     5:46a      7:10a    12:36p     4:14p      5:55p     7:16p
Feb 05     5:46a      7:10a    12:36p     4:15p      5:56p     7:17p
Feb 06     5:45a      7:09a    12:36p     4:16p      5:57p     7:18p
Feb 07     5:44a      7:08a    12:36p     4:17p      5:58p     7:19p
Feb 08     5:44a      7:07a    12:36p     4:18p      5:59p     7:19p
Feb 09     5:43a      7:06a    12:36p     4:19p      6:00p     7:20p
Feb 10     5:42a      7:05a    12:36p     4:19p      6:00p     7:21p
Feb 11     5:41a      7:05a    12:36p     4:20p      6:01p     7:22p
Feb 12     5:41a      7:04a    12:36p     4:21p      6:02p     7:23p
Feb 13     5:40a      7:03a    12:36p     4:22p      6:03p     7:23p
Feb 14     5:39a      7:02a    12:36p     4:23p      6:04p     7:24p
Feb 15     5:38a      7:01a    12:36p     4:24p      6:05p     7:25p
Feb 16     5:37a      7:00a    12:36p     4:24p      6:06p     7:26p
Feb 17     5:36a      6:59a    12:36p     4:25p      6:07p     7:26p
Feb 18     5:35a      6:58a    12:36p     4:26p      6:08p     7:27p
Feb 19     5:35a      6:57a    12:36p     4:27p      6:08p     7:28p
Feb 20     5:34a      6:56a    12:36p     4:28p      6:09p     7:29p
Feb 21     5:33a      6:55a    12:36p     4:28p      6:10p     7:30p
Feb 22     5:32a      6:54a    12:36p     4:29p      6:11p     7:30p
Feb 23     5:31a      6:53a    12:35p     4:30p      6:12p     7:31p
Feb 24     5:29a      6:51a    12:35p     4:30p      6:13p     7:32p
Feb 25     5:28a      6:50a    12:35p     4:31p      6:13p     7:33p
Feb 26     5:27a      6:49a    12:35p     4:32p      6:14p     7:33p
Feb 27     5:26a      6:48a    12:35p     4:33p      6:15p     7:34p
Feb 28     5:25a      6:47a    12:35p     4:33p      6:16p     7:35p
Mar 01     5:24a      6:46a    12:34p     4:34p      6:17p     7:36p
Mar 02     5:23a      6:44a    12:34p     4:35p      6:18p     7:37p
Mar 03     5:22a      6:43a    12:34p     4:35p      6:18p     7:37p
Mar 04     5:20a      6:42a    12:34p     4:36p      6:19p     7:38p
Mar 05     5:19a      6:41a    12:34p     4:37p      6:20p     7:39p
Mar 06     5:18a      6:40a    12:33p     4:37p      6:21p     7:39p
Mar 07     5:17a      6:38a    12:33p     4:38p      6:22p     7:40p
Mar 08     5:16a      6:37a    12:33p     4:38p      6:22p     7:41p
Mar 09     5:14a      6:36a    12:33p     4:39p      6:23p     7:41p
Mar 10     5:13a      6:35a    12:32p     4:40p      6:24p     7:42p
Mar 11     5:12a      6:33a    12:32p     4:40p      6:25p     7:42p
Mar 12     5:10a      6:32a    12:32p     4:41p      6:25p     7:43p
Mar 13     5:09a      6:31a    12:32p     4:41p      6:26p     7:44p
Mar 14     5:08a      6:29a    12:31p     4:42p      6:27p     7:44p
Mar 15     5:07a      6:28a    12:31p     4:42p      6:28p     7:45p
Mar 16     5:05a      6:27a    12:31p     4:43p      6:28p     7:45p
Mar 17     5:04a      6:26a    12:30p     4:43p      6:29p     7:46p
Mar 18     5:02a      6:24a    12:30p     4:44p      6:30p     7:47p
Mar 19     5:01a      6:23a    12:30p     4:44p      6:30p     7:47p
Mar 20     5:00a      6:22a    12:30p     4:45p      6:31p     7:48p
Mar 21     4:58a      6:20a    12:29p     4:45p      6:32p     7:48p
Mar 22     4:57a      6:19a    12:29p     4:46p      6:33p     7:49p
Mar 23     4:56a      6:18a    12:29p     4:46p      6:33p     7:49p
Mar 24     4:54a      6:16a    12:28p     4:47p      6:34p     7:50p
Mar 25     4:53a      6:15a    12:28p     4:47p      6:35p     7:51p
Mar 26     4:51a      6:14a    12:28p     4:48p      6:36p     7:51p
Mar 27     4:50a      6:12a    12:27p     4:48p      6:36p     7:52p
Mar 28     4:48a      6:11a    12:27p     4:48p      6:37p     7:52p
Mar 29     4:47a      6:10a    12:27p     4:49p      6:38p     7:53p
Mar 30     4:46a      6:08a    12:27p     4:49p      6:38p     7:53p
Mar 31     4:44a      6:07a    12:26p     4:50p      6:39p     7:54p
Apr 01     4:43a      6:06a    12:26p     4:50p      6:40p     7:55p
Apr 02     4:41a      6:05a    12:26p     4:51p      6:41p     7:55p
Apr 03     4:40a      6:03a    12:25p     4:51p      6:41p     7:56p
Apr 04     4:38a      6:02a    12:25p     4:51p      6:42p     7:56p
Apr 05     4:37a      6:01a    12:25p     4:52p      6:43p     7:57p
Apr 06     4:35a      5:59a    12:25p     4:52p      6:43p     7:57p
Apr 07     4:34a      5:58a    12:24p     4:53p      6:44p     7:58p
Apr 08     4:32a      5:57a    12:24p     4:53p      6:45p     7:59p
Apr 09     4:31a      5:56a    12:24p     4:53p      6:46p     7:59p
Apr 10     4:30a      5:54a    12:23p     4:54p      6:46p     8:00p
Apr 11     4:28a      5:53a    12:23p     4:54p      6:47p     8:00p
Apr 12     4:27a      5:52a    12:23p     4:54p      6:48p     8:01p
Apr 13     4:25a      5:51a    12:23p     4:55p      6:48p     8:01p
Apr 14     4:24a      5:49a    12:22p     4:55p      6:49p     8:02p
Apr 15     4:22a      5:48a    12:22p     4:55p      6:50p     8:03p
Apr 16     4:21a      5:47a    12:22p     4:56p      6:51p     8:03p
Apr 17     4:19a      5:46a    12:22p     4:56p      6:51p     8:04p
Apr 18     4:18a      5:45a    12:21p     4:57p      6:52p     8:04p
Apr 19     4:17a      5:43a    12:21p     4:57p      6:53p     8:05p
Apr 20     4:15a      5:42a    12:21p     4:57p      6:53p     8:05p
Apr 21     4:14a      5:41a    12:21p     4:58p      6:54p     8:06p
Apr 22     4:12a      5:40a    12:21p     4:58p      6:55p     8:07p
Apr 23     4:11a      5:39a    12:20p     4:58p      6:56p     8:07p
Apr 24     4:10a      5:38a    12:20p     4:59p      6:56p     8:08p
Apr 25     4:08a      5:37a    12:20p     4:59p      6:57p     8:08p
Apr 26     4:07a      5:36a    12:20p     4:59p      6:58p     8:09p
Apr 27     4:06a      5:35a    12:20p     5:00p      6:59p     8:10p
Apr 28     4:04a      5:33a    12:20p     5:00p      6:59p     8:10p
Apr 29     4:03a      5:32a    12:19p     5:00p      7:00p     8:11p
Apr 30     4:02a      5:31a    12:19p     5:01p      7:01p     8:11p
May 01     4:00a      5:30a    12:19p     5:01p      7:01p     8:12p
May 02     3:59a      5:29a    12:19p     5:01p      7:02p     8:12p
May 03     3:58a      5:29a    12:19p     5:02p      7:03p     8:13p
May 04     3:57a      5:28a    12:19p     5:02p      7:04p     8:14p
May 05     3:55a      5:27a    12:19p     5:02p      7:04p     8:14p
May 06     3:54a      5:26a    12:19p     5:03p      7:05p     8:15p
May 07     3:53a      5:25a    12:19p     5:03p      7:06p     8:15p
May 08     3:52a      5:24a    12:19p     5:03p      7:07p     8:16p
May 09     3:51a      5:23a    12:19p     5:04p      7:07p     8:17p
May 10     3:49a      5:22a    12:18p     5:04p      7:08p     8:18p
May 11     3:48a      5:21a    12:18p     5:04p      7:09p     8:19p
May 12     3:47a      5:21a    12:18p     5:05p      7:10p     8:20p
May 13     3:46a      5:20a    12:18p     5:05p      7:10p     8:21p
May 14     3:45a      5:19a    12:18p     5:06p      7:11p     8:22p
May 15     3:44a      5:18a    12:18p     5:06p      7:12p     8:23p
May 16     3:43a      5:18a    12:18p     5:06p      7:12p     8:24p
May 17     3:42a      5:17a    12:18p     5:07p      7:13p     8:25p
May 18     3:41a      5:16a    12:18p     5:07p      7:14p     8:26p
May 19     3:40a      5:16a    12:19p     5:07p      7:15p     8:26p
May 20     3:39a      5:15a    12:19p     5:08p      7:15p     8:27p
May 21     3:38a      5:15a    12:19p     5:08p      7:16p     8:28p
May 22     3:38a      5:14a    12:19p     5:08p      7:17p     8:29p
May 23     3:37a      5:14a    12:19p     5:09p      7:17p     8:30p
May 24     3:36a      5:13a    12:19p     5:09p      7:18p     8:31p
May 25     3:35a      5:13a    12:19p     5:09p      7:19p     8:32p
May 26     3:34a      5:12a    12:19p     5:10p      7:19p     8:33p
May 27     3:34a      5:12a    12:19p     5:10p      7:20p     8:33p
May 28     3:33a      5:11a    12:19p     5:10p      7:20p     8:34p
May 29     3:32a      5:11a    12:19p     5:11p      7:21p     8:35p
May 30     3:32a      5:11a    12:20p     5:11p      7:22p     8:36p
May 31     3:31a      5:10a    12:20p     5:11p      7:22p     8:37p
Jun 01     3:31a      5:10a    12:20p     5:12p      7:23p     8:37p
Jun 02     3:30a      5:10a    12:20p     5:12p      7:23p     8:38p
Jun 03     3:30a      5:09a    12:20p     5:12p      7:24p     8:39p
Jun 04     3:29a      5:09a    12:20p     5:13p      7:25p     8:40p
Jun 05     3:29a      5:09a    12:21p     5:13p      7:25p     8:40p
Jun 06     3:28a      5:09a    12:21p     5:13p      7:26p     8:41p
Jun 07     3:28a      5:09a    12:21p     5:14p      7:26p     8:42p
Jun 08     3:28a      5:09a    12:21p     5:14p      7:27p     8:43p
Jun 09     3:28a      5:08a    12:21p     5:14p      7:27p     8:43p
Jun 10     3:27a      5:08a    12:21p     5:15p      7:28p     8:44p
Jun 11     3:27a      5:08a    12:22p     5:15p      7:28p     8:44p
Jun 12     3:27a      5:08a    12:22p     5:15p      7:28p     8:45p
Jun 13     3:27a      5:08a    12:22p     5:16p      7:29p     8:46p
Jun 14     3:27a      5:08a    12:22p     5:16p      7:29p     8:46p
Jun 15     3:27a      5:08a    12:23p     5:16p      7:30p     8:47p
Jun 16     3:27a      5:08a    12:23p     5:16p      7:30p     8:47p
Jun 17     3:27a      5:09a    12:23p     5:17p      7:30p     8:48p
Jun 18     3:27a      5:09a    12:23p     5:17p      7:30p     8:48p
Jun 19     3:27a      5:09a    12:23p     5:17p      7:31p     8:49p
Jun 20     3:27a      5:09a    12:24p     5:17p      7:31p     8:49p
Jun 21     3:27a      5:09a    12:24p     5:18p      7:31p     8:50p
Jun 22     3:27a      5:09a    12:24p     5:18p      7:31p     8:50p
Jun 23     3:28a      5:10a    12:24p     5:18p      7:32p     8:50p
Jun 24     3:28a      5:10a    12:24p     5:18p      7:32p     8:50p
Jun 25     3:28a      5:10a    12:25p     5:18p      7:32p     8:50p
Jun 26     3:29a      5:11a    12:25p     5:19p      7:32p     8:50p
Jun 27     3:29a      5:11a    12:25p     5:19p      7:32p     8:50p
Jun 28     3:29a      5:11a    12:25p     5:19p      7:32p     8:50p
Jun 29     3:30a      5:12a    12:26p     5:19p      7:32p     8:50p
Jun 30     3:30a      5:12a    12:26p     5:19p      7:32p     8:49p
Jul 01     3:31a      5:12a    12:26p     5:19p      7:32p     8:49p
Jul 02     3:31a      5:13a    12:26p     5:19p      7:32p     8:49p
Jul 03     3:32a      5:13a    12:26p     5:19p      7:32p     8:49p
Jul 04     3:32a      5:14a    12:26p     5:19p      7:32p     8:48p
Jul 05     3:33a      5:14a    12:27p     5:19p      7:32p     8:48p
Jul 06     3:34a      5:15a    12:27p     5:20p      7:32p     8:48p
Jul 07     3:34a      5:15a    12:27p     5:20p      7:32p     8:47p
Jul 08     3:35a      5:16a    12:27p     5:20p      7:31p     8:47p
Jul 09     3:36a      5:16a    12:27p     5:20p      7:31p     8:46p
Jul 10     3:36a      5:17a    12:27p     5:19p      7:31p     8:46p
Jul 11     3:37a      5:17a    12:28p     5:19p      7:31p     8:46p
Jul 12     3:38a      5:18a    12:28p     5:19p      7:30p     8:45p
Jul 13     3:39a      5:18a    12:28p     5:19p      7:30p     8:45p
Jul 14     3:40a      5:19a    12:28p     5:19p      7:30p     8:44p
Jul 15     3:40a      5:19a    12:28p     5:19p      7:29p     8:43p
Jul 16     3:41a      5:20a    12:28p     5:19p      7:29p     8:43p
Jul 17     3:42a      5:21a    12:28p     5:19p      7:28p     8:42p
Jul 18     3:43a      5:21a    12:28p     5:19p      7:28p     8:41p
Jul 19     3:44a      5:22a    12:28p     5:19p      7:28p     8:41p
Jul 20     3:45a      5:22a    12:28p     5:18p      7:27p     8:40p
Jul 21     3:46a      5:23a    12:28p     5:18p      7:26p     8:39p
Jul 22     3:47a      5:24a    12:29p     5:18p      7:26p     8:39p
Jul 23     3:48a      5:24a    12:29p     5:18p      7:25p     8:38p
Jul 24     3:49a      5:25a    12:29p     5:17p      7:25p     8:37p
Jul 25     3:49a      5:26a    12:29p     5:17p      7:24p     8:36p
Jul 26     3:50a      5:26a    12:29p     5:17p      7:23p     8:35p
Jul 27     3:51a      5:27a    12:29p     5:16p      7:23p     8:34p
Jul 28     3:52a      5:28a    12:29p     5:16p      7:22p     8:34p
Jul 29     3:53a      5:28a    12:29p     5:16p      7:21p     8:33p
Jul 30     3:54a      5:29a    12:29p     5:15p      7:21p     8:32p
Jul 31     3:55a      5:30a    12:28p     5:15p      7:20p     8:31p
Aug 01     3:56a      5:30a    12:28p     5:15p      7:19p     8:30p
Aug 02     3:57a      5:31a    12:28p     5:14p      7:18p     8:29p
Aug 03     3:58a      5:32a    12:28p     5:14p      7:17p     8:28p
Aug 04     3:59a      5:32a    12:28p     5:13p      7:16p     8:27p
Aug 05     4:00a      5:33a    12:28p     5:13p      7:16p     8:25p
Aug 06     4:01a      5:34a    12:28p     5:12p      7:15p     8:24p
Aug 07     4:02a      5:35a    12:28p     5:12p      7:14p     8:23p
Aug 08     4:03a      5:35a    12:28p     5:11p      7:13p     8:22p
Aug 09     4:04a      5:36a    12:28p     5:10p      7:12p     8:22p
Aug 10     4:05a      5:37a    12:27p     5:10p      7:11p     8:21p
Aug 11     4:06a      5:37a    12:27p     5:09p      7:10p     8:20p
Aug 12     4:07a      5:38a    12:27p     5:09p      7:09p     8:19p
Aug 13     4:08a      5:39a    12:27p     5:08p      7:08p     8:18p
Aug 14     4:09a      5:39a    12:27p     5:07p      7:07p     8:17p
Aug 15     4:10a      5:40a    12:27p     5:07p      7:06p     8:16p
Aug 16     4:11a      5:41a    12:26p     5:06p      7:05p     8:16p
Aug 17     4:12a      5:41a    12:26p     5:05p      7:04p     8:15p
Aug 18     4:13a      5:42a    12:26p     5:05p      7:03p     8:14p
Aug 19     4:14a      5:43a    12:26p     5:04p      7:01p     8:13p
Aug 20     4:15a      5:43a    12:25p     5:03p      7:00p     8:12p
Aug 21     4:16a      5:44a    12:25p     5:02p      6:59p     8:11p
Aug 22     4:17a      5:45a    12:25p     5:01p      6:58p     8:10p
Aug 23     4:18a      5:45a    12:25p     5:01p      6:57p     8:09p
Aug 24     4:19a      5:46a    12:24p     5:00p      6:56p     8:08p
Aug 25     4:19a      5:47a    12:24p     4:59p      6:54p     8:07p
Aug 26     4:20a      5:47a    12:24p     4:58p      6:53p     8:05p
Aug 27     4:21a      5:48a    12:24p     4:57p      6:52p     8:04p
Aug 28     4:22a      5:49a    12:23p     4:56p      6:51p     8:03p
Aug 29     4:23a      5:49a    12:23p     4:56p      6:49p     8:02p
Aug 30     4:24a      5:50a    12:23p     4:55p      6:48p     8:01p
Aug 31     4:25a      5:51a    12:22p     4:54p      6:47p     8:00p
Sep 01     4:26a      5:51a    12:22p     4:53p      6:46p     7:59p
Sep 02     4:26a      5:52a    12:22p     4:52p      6:44p     7:58p
Sep 03     4:27a      5:53a    12:21p     4:51p      6:43p     7:57p
Sep 04     4:28a      5:53a    12:21p     4:50p      6:42p     7:55p
Sep 05     4:29a      5:54a    12:21p     4:49p      6:40p     7:54p
Sep 06     4:30a      5:55a    12:20p     4:48p      6:39p     7:53p
Sep 07     4:31a      5:55a    12:20p     4:47p      6:38p     7:52p
Sep 08     4:31a      5:56a    12:20p     4:46p      6:36p     7:51p
Sep 09     4:32a      5:56a    12:19p     4:45p      6:35p     7:49p
Sep 10     4:33a      5:57a    12:19p     4:44p      6:34p     7:48p
Sep 11     4:34a      5:58a    12:19p     4:43p      6:32p     7:47p
Sep 12     4:35a      5:58a    12:18p     4:42p      6:31p     7:46p
Sep 13     4:35a      5:59a    12:18p     4:41p      6:30p     7:45p
Sep 14     4:36a      6:00a    12:18p     4:40p      6:28p     7:43p
Sep 15     4:37a      6:00a    12:17p     4:39p      6:27p     7:42p
Sep 16     4:38a      6:01a    12:17p     4:37p      6:26p     7:41p
Sep 17     4:38a      6:02a    12:17p     4:36p      6:24p     7:40p
Sep 18     4:39a      6:02a    12:16p     4:35p      6:23p     7:39p
Sep 19     4:40a      6:03a    12:16p     4:34p      6:22p     7:37p
Sep 20     4:41a      6:03a    12:16p     4:33p      6:20p     7:36p
Sep 21     4:41a      6:04a    12:15p     4:32p      6:19p     7:35p
Sep 22     4:42a      6:05a    12:15p     4:31p      6:18p     7:34p
Sep 23     4:43a      6:05a    12:14p     4:30p      6:16p     7:33p
Sep 24     4:44a      6:06a    12:14p     4:29p      6:15p     7:31p
Sep 25     4:44a      6:07a    12:14p     4:27p      6:13p     7:30p
Sep 26     4:45a      6:07a    12:13p     4:26p      6:12p     7:29p
Sep 27     4:46a      6:08a    12:13p     4:25p      6:11p     7:28p
Sep 28     4:47a      6:09a    12:13p     4:24p      6:09p     7:27p
Sep 29     4:47a      6:09a    12:12p     4:23p      6:08p     7:25p
Sep 30     4:48a      6:10a    12:12p     4:22p      6:07p     7:24p
Oct 01     4:49a      6:11a    12:12p     4:21p      6:05p     7:23p
Oct 02     4:49a      6:11a    12:11p     4:20p      6:04p     7:22p
Oct 03     4:50a      6:12a    12:11p     4:18p      6:03p     7:21p
Oct 04     4:51a      6:13a    12:11p     4:17p      6:02p     7:20p
Oct 05     4:51a      6:13a    12:11p     4:16p      6:00p     7:18p
Oct 06     4:52a      6:14a    12:10p     4:15p      5:59p     7:17p
Oct 07     4:53a      6:15a    12:10p     4:14p      5:58p     7:16p
Oct 08     4:54a      6:16a    12:10p     4:13p      5:56p     7:15p
Oct 09     4:54a      6:16a    12:09p     4:12p      5:55p     7:14p
Oct 10     4:55a      6:17a    12:09p     4:11p      5:54p     7:13p
Oct 11     4:56a      6:18a    12:09p     4:09p      5:53p     7:11p
Oct 12     4:56a      6:18a    12:09p     4:08p      5:51p     7:10p
Oct 13     4:57a      6:19a    12:08p     4:07p      5:50p     7:09p
Oct 14     4:58a      6:20a    12:08p     4:06p      5:49p     7:08p
Oct 15     4:59a      6:21a    12:08p     4:05p      5:48p     7:07p
Oct 16     4:59a      6:21a    12:08p     4:04p      5:47p     7:06p
Oct 17     5:00a      6:22a    12:07p     4:03p      5:45p     7:04p
Oct 18     5:01a      6:23a    12:07p     4:02p      5:44p     7:03p
Oct 19     5:01a      6:24a    12:07p     4:01p      5:43p     7:02p
Oct 20     5:02a      6:25a    12:07p     4:00p      5:42p     7:01p
Oct 21     5:03a      6:25a    12:07p     3:59p      5:41p     7:00p
Oct 22     5:03a      6:26a    12:07p     3:58p      5:40p     6:59p
Oct 23     5:04a      6:27a    12:06p     3:57p      5:39p     6:58p
Oct 24     5:05a      6:28a    12:06p     3:56p      5:38p     6:57p
Oct 25     5:06a      6:29a    12:06p     3:55p      5:36p     6:56p
Oct 26     5:06a      6:29a    12:06p     3:54p      5:35p     6:55p
Oct 27     5:07a      6:30a    12:06p     3:53p      5:34p     6:54p
Oct 28     5:08a      6:31a    12:06p     3:52p      5:33p     6:53p
Oct 29     5:09a      6:32a    12:06p     3:51p      5:32p     6:52p
Oct 30     5:09a      6:33a    12:06p     3:50p      5:31p     6:52p
Oct 31     5:10a      6:34a    12:06p     3:49p      5:31p     6:51p
Nov 01     5:11a      6:34a    12:06p     3:48p      5:30p     6:50p
Nov 02     5:12a      6:35a    12:06p     3:48p      5:29p     6:49p
Nov 03     5:12a      6:36a    12:06p     3:47p      5:28p     6:48p
Nov 04     5:13a      6:37a    12:06p     3:46p      5:27p     6:48p
Nov 05     5:14a      6:38a    12:06p     3:45p      5:26p     6:47p
Nov 06     5:15a      6:39a    12:06p     3:44p      5:25p     6:46p
Nov 07     5:15a      6:40a    12:06p     3:44p      5:24p     6:46p
Nov 08     5:16a      6:40a    12:06p     3:43p      5:24p     6:45p
Nov 09     5:17a      6:41a    12:06p     3:42p      5:23p     6:44p
Nov 10     5:18a      6:42a    12:06p     3:42p      5:22p     6:44p
Nov 11     5:18a      6:43a    12:06p     3:41p      5:22p     6:43p
Nov 12     5:19a      6:44a    12:06p     3:40p      5:21p     6:43p
Nov 13     5:20a      6:45a    12:06p     3:40p      5:20p     6:42p
Nov 14     5:21a      6:46a    12:06p     3:39p      5:20p     6:42p
Nov 15     5:21a      6:47a    12:07p     3:38p      5:19p     6:41p
Nov 16     5:22a      6:48a    12:07p     3:38p      5:19p     6:41p
Nov 17     5:23a      6:49a    12:07p     3:37p      5:18p     6:40p
Nov 18     5:24a      6:50a    12:07p     3:37p      5:17p     6:40p
Nov 19     5:25a      6:50a    12:07p     3:36p      5:17p     6:40p
Nov 20     5:25a      6:51a    12:08p     3:36p      5:17p     6:39p
Nov 21     5:26a      6:52a    12:08p     3:36p      5:16p     6:39p
Nov 22     5:27a      6:53a    12:08p     3:35p      5:16p     6:39p
Nov 23     5:28a      6:54a    12:08p     3:35p      5:15p     6:39p
Nov 24     5:28a      6:55a    12:09p     3:35p      5:15p     6:38p
Nov 25     5:29a      6:56a    12:09p     3:34p      5:15p     6:38p
Nov 26     5:30a      6:57a    12:09p     3:34p      5:15p     6:38p
Nov 27     5:31a      6:58a    12:10p     3:34p      5:14p     6:38p
Nov 28     5:31a      6:58a    12:10p     3:34p      5:14p     6:38p
Nov 29     5:32a      6:59a    12:10p     3:33p      5:14p     6:38p
Nov 30     5:33a      7:00a    12:11p     3:33p      5:14p     6:38p
Dec 01     5:34a      7:01a    12:11p     3:33p      5:14p     6:38p
Dec 02     5:34a      7:02a    12:11p     3:33p      5:14p     6:38p
Dec 03     5:35a      7:03a    12:12p     3:33p      5:13p     6:38p
Dec 04     5:36a      7:04a    12:12p     3:33p      5:13p     6:38p
Dec 05     5:37a      7:04a    12:13p     3:33p      5:13p     6:38p
Dec 06     5:37a      7:05a    12:13p     3:33p      5:13p     6:38p
Dec 07     5:38a      7:06a    12:13p     3:33p      5:14p     6:38p
Dec 08     5:39a      7:07a    12:14p     3:33p      5:14p     6:38p
Dec 09     5:39a      7:07a    12:14p     3:33p      5:14p     6:39p
Dec 10     5:40a      7:08a    12:15p     3:33p      5:14p     6:39p
Dec 11     5:41a      7:09a    12:15p     3:34p      5:14p     6:39p
Dec 12     5:41a      7:10a    12:16p     3:34p      5:14p     6:39p
Dec 13     5:42a      7:10a    12:16p     3:34p      5:15p     6:40p
Dec 14     5:43a      7:11a    12:17p     3:34p      5:15p     6:40p
Dec 15     5:43a      7:12a    12:17p     3:35p      5:15p     6:40p
Dec 16     5:44a      7:12a    12:18p     3:35p      5:16p     6:41p
Dec 17     5:45a      7:13a    12:18p     3:35p      5:16p     6:41p
Dec 18     5:45a      7:14a    12:19p     3:36p      5:16p     6:42p
Dec 19     5:46a      7:14a    12:19p     3:36p      5:17p     6:42p
Dec 20     5:46a      7:15a    12:20p     3:37p      5:17p     6:42p
Dec 21     5:47a      7:15a    12:20p     3:37p      5:18p     6:43p
Dec 22     5:47a      7:16a    12:21p     3:38p      5:18p     6:43p
Dec 23     5:48a      7:16a    12:21p     3:38p      5:19p     6:44p
Dec 24     5:48a      7:17a    12:22p     3:39p      5:19p     6:44p
Dec 25     5:49a      7:17a    12:22p     3:39p      5:20p     6:45p
Dec 26     5:49a      7:18a    12:23p     3:40p      5:20p     6:46p
Dec 27     5:50a      7:18a    12:23p     3:40p      5:21p     6:46p
Dec 28     5:50a      7:18a    12:24p     3:41p      5:22p     6:47p
Dec 29     5:50a      7:19a    12:24p     3:42p      5:22p     6:47p
Dec 30     5:51a      7:19a    12:25p     3:42p      5:23p     6:48p
Dec 31     5:51a      7:19a    12:25p     3:43p      5:24p     6:49p

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