Willing to know about Islam, students of Kurokami Elementary School have field trip to Kumamoto Masjid

19756018_1401306013256635_1834787225_nKumamoto (5/7). We received a letter from Kurokami Elementary School, a school in Kurokami area which is about one and half kilometers from Kumamoto Masjid. According to the translation, the school intended to visit KIC with 8-kids and two instructors. They mentioned some questions that we need to answer during their visit. It was a good opportunity for introduction of KIC to students. The students from Kurokami Elementary School visited KIC on Wednesday (5th-July). Br Rahmat and Br Rubel Saidul Islam were present at KIC to welcome the quests. Br Alvin purchased some gifts/presents for the students. Br Marlo Jonosisworo provided us with the information regarding the KIC Building (the land Area, when it was built etc). The students were very happy with omiyage that gave by KIC. They also enjoyed some experience of Islamic culture like tried wearing hijab and observed muslim prayer.